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dinsdag 1 december 2009

Finishing off the chocolate box

I have some stitching parts lying around that needs to be finishing off.

Today it was time for the chocolate box from LHN. I stitched it some weeks ago but didn't had the time to put it on the little teabox.

(Click to enlarge)

On both sides I attach a satin ribbon just for decoration

On the inside I glue some fabric with bonbons on it. It looks Yummie !
In this box I'm going to keep my charms, because I have alott of them and I think this is a wonderfull box for them.

8 opmerkingen:

Scattered Threads zei

This is beautiful Carin and a very neat idea. One day I get around to sorting and organizing all my stuff.

RuthB zei

Absolutely beautiful! Of course there is a big draw-back. Now I want chocolate quite badly.

Karen zei

Great finish! You did a great job and the fabric is perfect.

Nina zei

Beautiful finishing, Carin, this biox is very adorable!

Irene zei

Beautiful finish, love the bonbons fabric.

Michelle zei

What a beautiful finish Carin!

I have just discovered your blog and I will definitely be visiting it again - your stitching is beautiful!

Mylene zei

So neat and beautifully finish, Carin. Great job!!

Carin zei

Wow, very beautiful. Great bonbonsfabric also! Mmm, is there any chocolat in the house?