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vrijdag 27 november 2009

Books are coming my way

Besides stitching and quilting I love to read. And my favorite books are mysteries, I love to find out who was the one who did the crime.

I have the hole collection of the China Bayles serie (Herb mysteries) from Susan Albert Wittig.
And they are so fine to read, I realy loves these books !

But ... when I was reading in a older post on the blog of Carin (another Carin from the Netherlands) about mysteries books with a needlecraft theme I was curious.
So I did some google on the writersname Monica Ferris and what I read about her sounded great and her books sounds like great mysteries.
So I orderd the first 6 books of her and I hope they will arrive before I go to the hospital.
Boy oh boy ... I'm going to solve some mysteries while I been in the hospital LOL

Book 1 and 2

Book 3 and 4

Book 5 and 6

Update: My husband hear today on his work that he gets 2 extra weeks off from work to take care of me, so after my surgery he can stay at home till januari 18th. Woohoo !!!!

6 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

WOW! May i ask...are they coming from outside Holland? I am curious too over those books. I haven't read any of her books yet but would love too.
Hope they will arrive soon for you.

Happy weekend.

Carin zei

Mylene I orderd them by I always order my English books there because they are cheap and they ship FREE worldwide, so no shippingcost.

Scattered Threads zei

Good for you Carin. A definite good way to pass time. Happy reading and wishing you a speedy recovery. It nice hubby will be home to assist you. What a deal?
May have to check out those book myself.

Carin zei

Hi Carin,

I'v ordered mine by!
All 6 off them!

And...they are really great!

Enjoy reading them.

Carin zei

Carin klopt, daar hadden ze ze ook, maar mijn engelstalige boeken bestel ik net zo graag bij depository omdat ze daar iets goedkoper zijn en je betaalt toch geen verzendkosten, bovendien hebben ze een hele goede service.

Anoniem zei

I'm so glad you wrote on my blog. It's great to see you have a blog too. I will put your blogs on my blogroll ; )
Have a great day !!!