Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working on the Amish circle quilt

Last year I bought the book:
The Amish Circle Quilt

I loved that quilt/book immediality, because I read alot about the Amish and their livestyle. As a pagan I'm interesting in all kind of religions. This quilt has so many beautiful blocks and the letters written by each block makes it even more interesting.

About the book:
There are 11 Amish women (Rachel, Lydiann, Martha, Rebecca, Lavina, Edna, Frieda, Lavern, Ida, Regina and Miriam) who send a circle letter to each other for many years and now they have decided that when they sent their circle letter, they will enclose a 6' quilt block pertaining to something that happened in their lives during the week.

When I bought the book I had search for all my solid fabrics and came up with this color scheme for the quilt

I made block 1 right after I got the book.
(With each block I write a line from the circle letter, so you know why that block was choosen by one of the Amish women. I can't write more about these letters because of copyright.)

Block 1 - The Picnic
Rachel included that pattern on may 15 because she had that week a picnic.

Because I was making more quilts and cross stitch pieces at that time, I stopped with making more blocks. Till last weekend ... I thought that beside the SBS quilt I can make 1 or 2 blocks of the Amish quilt a week. So I'm going to work on blocks for the SBS and the Amish circle quilt every week.

Last weekend I made 3 blocks for the Amish circle quilt and i realy enjoy working with the solid fabrics.

Block 2 - Fruit Trees
Lydiann writes on may 29 that her fruit trees are in bloom and it looks like she will have lots of apples and pears later that season.

Block 3 - Collecting Eggs
Martha writes on june 12 that Little Marlin and Vernon have collecting eggs and they only broke one egg.

Block 4 - Canning
June 19: Rebecca has alot of beans and peas from her garden and now she is busy with them canning in the kitchen.


  1. Los bloques estan preciosos, felicitaciones.


  2. Mooi boek, leuk om de achtergrond erachter te weten.Fijn nieuw project

  3. Beautiful work. I look forward to watching your progress.
    Happy Quilting,

  4. Hallo Carin,

    Heb even je blokken opgezocht. Effen stofjes is wel erg mooi nu ik het zie.
    Ik vind het ook erg leuk werk om blokjes te maken, hoewel ik het echte appliceren toch nog eens wil leren, ik heb nu freezerpaper gebruikt.

    Groeten Miny


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