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dinsdag 28 september 2010

22 and 23. By post or owl ?

"I know why you choose this fabric for your block A-3 Bright Hopes Carin".

"Oh do you and why did I choose that one?".

"Well ... two weeks ago you have made a pincushion for the pincushion swap on Jeannet's blog and now you hope that the mailman does his work okay and will deliver the pincushion safe. Maybe you should have Wisely, my owl, bring it".

"I know Wisely does a good job, but somethings when he sees a mouse, he will drop the envelop and goes after the mouse. So ... no thank you".

"Oh well ... if the pincushion get lost we can always take another one from these, because we have lotts of them".

"Noooo Brumelda, we can't because most of these where gifts from friends. So put them back where you took them and come sit by my block, because I have finished it".

"Just wait a second Carin".


"Just look .... if the pincushion gets lost we just make a new one, because we have filling stuff enough".

"Ohh Brumelda, I have enough hope that it will be okay and the pincushion will arrive safely".

"I love your next block too and it has a nice name too: A-1 Mosaic No.3. Oh I have an idea. Can you take a picture of me please?".

"Sure I can Brumelda, come sit on the gardentable by the pumpkin. Smile at the camera".

"Can you put the picture on your pc?".

"Yes I can, but what are you going to do with it?".

"I love the picture very much. Now can you open the program Paintshop-Pro for me please. I'm going to photoshop my picture".

I open the program for her and continue with my block. Its a very easy block this time. I hear Brumelda laughing.
"And is it working Brumelda?".

"I'm doing great", she says and a moment later the printer is running.

"Look Carin, I have made a Brusaic and put it in my photoalbum".

"A Brusaic ?".

"Yes ... thats a mosaic of myself hihihi".

"You did a great job. Too bad you put it in your album because you could have hold it in your hands when you sit by my block".

"But we have mosaic enough Carin, just wait ....".

"Well ... surprise me Brumelda".

"BOO .... ! Hihihihihi".

7 opmerkingen:

Nina zei

Oh, ,that fabric is awesome!! I wish I can buy some here... I adore fabbies like this :)

Erna zei

Hoi Carin, wat een vreselijk leuk stofje van die postcard, en mooi gecombineerd met de andere stofjes
Liefs en een fijne dag verder

Anne Ida zei

The fabric is wonderful, and perfect centre for the Bright Hopes block.

Whoever on the SBS list had the idea of you writing a book, was on the right track! How cool would a children's book of Smiling Brumelda Silvermoon's adventures be? I love reading these posts! Thanks for the entertainment ;o)

Villa-loredana zei

Hello Carin and Brumelda, you are both exelent quilters lady. Enyoied in traveling trough yours posts. Loredana

Labores de Mercedes zei

Hi Carin, thanks for your visit to my blog. I've been having a quick look at yours, although I'll look ot thoroughly when I have some more time, and you have lovely things. Have a nice day.

susana zei

Hi Carin, ik las nu net pas je berichtje! Er zijn helaas geen pompoen uit gekomen, maar wel vele bloemen. Volgend jaar beter. Wat een gezellig blog heb je, ik kom vast weer bij je langs,

groetjes susi

Wendy zei

Don't know who's more adorable, Brumelda or Brumelda's momma! She's adorable :)