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zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Lavender and a gift

Boy oh boy, I was so busy this week that I totaly forgot to post here.

Stil working on the Potpourri quilt, the binding is almost finished. In between I have made some cross stitches so my wrist could rest a bit from the quilting. 
I started a new pattern called Lavender garden Sampler and its from Fleur de Lis. This one is going to hang on our toilet that will be renovated soon and I'm going to give it a lavender theme.

The fabric I used is a lila linnen 32 counts, I hope you can see it on the picture. I bought this fabric last year in a craftshop when we visit that town.

Last week I got a beautiful gift from my dear friend Nina. I had send her some hearts I collected when we are visiting fairs etc. and every time I saw a heart I was thinking of Nina because I know that she loves heart (who isn't) and I just had to buy them for her.
But now she had something in return. So doesn't had to do that but she did anyway and I just LOVE it what she had sent.

A beautiful heart with in the middle lavender. I just love it, ... how did she now that I love lavender (and its color purple) so much? Don't know if I once told her that, but I do. I just love that color and the smell of lavender. She also included a beautiful scissor with a purple handle and I already are using it and it works very well. Then she included a beautiful color from her own dyed thread called Valentine. Don't you love that color?
Nina thank you SO MUCH for these beautiful gifts, I love them al !!

Look at the lavender in the middle, so tiny, so pretty, so ....

yes ... so may french knots. I just love it !!

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Anoniem zei

Hi Carin,
wow this is very beautiful. I love lavender too ; )
The quilt looks fantastic !! I'm waiting to see where Brumelda has been. Love to hear about her travels !!

PS, I have to go back to the doc. The first visit after 6 weeks everything was OK, but my son came home with a bad cold and you've guessed it, mom got it too and now the doc is afraid some of the stitches came lose, because of sneezing and coughing. I tried to hold it in, but it is a very bad cold. I will know more on September the 3rd.
I bought the first of the China Bayles books and am reading it now. Thanks for the tip.
Are you doing OK ???
Have a great weekend.

Nina zei

Who doesn't love lavander? I love! I like your WIP too :)
Carin, I'm so glad you like the gift, enjoy :) Hugs,

Deborah zei

Wonderful work in progress. Nina does beautiful. Her gift was lovely.

Erna zei

Lavender, smells gorgeous and what a sweet gift by Nina..

Patti zei

Love them both.
Patti xxx

Meadows08 zei

So pretty! I love the french knots.

Debra zei

nice stitching and very nice gift.

bianca zei

Eine wunderschöne Lavendelflasche.