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donderdag 26 augustus 2010

10. Broken Dishes

"Gosh Carin, another block with so much little triangels".

"What is the name of this block?".

"This block has the name: Broken Dishes Brumelda".

"But they are triangels and not round. I think the lady who made this block couldn't applique circles and instead she made triangels. But when I think of dishes I must think of those people who work in the circus and have large sticks with dishes on it. Can I try that Carin?".

"You may Brumelda, but first try it with plastic cups, so not all the dishes get broken".

I go further with my block and Brumelda is practicing with her sticks and cups. Once in awhile i hear the cups falling but suddenly I hear "Look Carin, its works !".

"Oh great, now you can work in the circus Brumelda".

"No I don't think so, I must help you with this quilt".

My block is ready and Brumelda is going to sit by the block with her sticks and cups.

Strange that those cups are so attached to the sticks.

"Ohh Brumelda you cheat, those cups are sticked with foamtape".

Well yes, because they did fall everytime and now they don't".

2 opmerkingen:

Debra zei

so cute and your quilt block looks great.

Erna zei

Schattig quilt wordt ook dit weer...maar dat kan ook niet anders met zo'n handige hulp.