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maandag 7 juni 2010


The last few days we had very sunny days so I didn't do much stitching.
I did stitch a heart for my potpourri quilt so I made a photo with other hearts that are hanging in my house

This weekend we go to a spring fair and there I bought 3 hearts;
the red one, the one with the roses and the tin one with two birds in it.

The pansy's are blooming in the garden

Bowy is enjoying the sun

My campanula punctata (cherry bells) is also blooming and I have made some close-up photo's

7 opmerkingen:

Erna zei

Leuke hartjes Carin, ik vind vooral de gebloemde een snoepje

Nina zei

I adore hearts, yours are so wonderful :)

blueladie zei

The pics are great, Carin. :) Love your hearts and your garden is beautiful! Cathryn

Lisa zei

Love all of your beautiful hearts. I'd never heard of the cherry pretty!

Elaine zei

Love your hearts Carin and your flowers are beautiful.

Anoniem zei

Beautiful flowers and such lovely hearts.
Hope you're doing ok !!

Michelle zei

What a beautiful collection of hearts! Bowy is lovely :)