dinsdag 6 april 2010

Gingerbreads ... so cute !

This afternoon I visit the site of Helga Mandl and saw there a chart with 8 different gingerbreads (in the halloween/fall section).
As many of you know one of my favorite theme to stitch is halloween, but gingerbreads are also a favorite of mine. So when I saw that chart I had to buy it and orderd it right away.
Gingerbreads with a fall/halloween theme what else can a girl wants :)
I had it send as an e-pattern so within the hour I had the pattern in my mailbox and the printer was ready to print all 8 gingerbread charts.

Aren't they cute ??
First I must finish wintersheep from LHN before I start with these but that ornament is almost finished :)

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  1. Carin those are adorable, can't wait to see them stitched up.
    I emailed you about the threads.

  2. Thanks Elaine. I got the email and send you a email back. I hope you recieved it.

  3. Very cute can't wait to see them stitched up.

  4. Carin,
    They are so cute. I've never seen anything like them. Looking forward to seeing your stitching.

  5. Really cute Carin and very unusual - good enough to eat!!!
    Have fun stitching them xx

  6. Dear Carin, please passed by me, I have an award for you. Helga has really nice design. All the easter design is very nice. Huge from Loredana.


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