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donderdag 10 december 2009

See you all soon ! (updated)

Tomorrow is the day of the surgery. I must check in at 10 in the morning.
Don't know how long it will take before I can post again, but till that time I say goodbye and I hope to see you here real soon again !

Yesterday (sunday 13th) the doctor said that I could leave the hospital already, but I still must rest alot, so I hope to post a new post this week and tell you all more about it !

If I don't have time to post before december 21 th, then I wish you a Blessed Yule

and for the ones who celebrate christmas, I wish you all a Merry Christmas !


7 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Sending good thoughts, hope your surgery goes well and your recovery is fast.

Monique zei

Veel sterkte in het ziekenhuis, en beterschap dat je maar snel mag opknappen.

greotjes Monique

Karyn zei

Sending you many hugs and happy thoughts :) You will do fine and be back here posting for your readers before you know it!

hugs :)

Nina zei

Carin dear,

I hope you will have a fast recovery after the surgery, I'll keep my fingers crossed and will think about you a lot!

Wish you a very Merry Christmas with happiness and joy, and a very happy new year and helath of course!


Siobhan zei

I hope the surgery goes well and that you have a quick recovery!

Debra zei

Merry Christmas and I hope everything goes well for you.

enza zei

Thanks for the visit... your blog is fantastic!!! Enza xxx