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vrijdag 4 december 2009

Christmas present recieved

And then the doorbel rings and you see the postman holding a package. I'm very curious and see the name who send it, it's from Nina. I know she was sending a christmas present but that it was arriving so soon ... what a surprise ! (only 2 days to arrive from Hungary to Netherlands)

She wrote she wanted to make me smile when I was staying in the hospital for a couple of days (dec. 11th) and that I got her present before christmas, but her present didn't make only a smile on my face but a tear as well, because what she send is to beautifull for words.

Just look at the pictures and I don't have to say anymore ...
I hope you enjoying the pictures as much as I do the presents :)

Dear friend Nina thank you so much for this beautifull christmas present.
I'm still smiling :)


I hope you all are going to her blog on december 14 th. because then she has her birthday :)
I send her an early birthday present 2 weeks ago (I didn't know how long it took to arrive and because when she has her birthday I'm in the hospital).

4 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

WOW! Such an awesome present you received and your gifts back looks lovely too.

Nina zei

A bit early, but wiosh you Merry christmas with that box :)
And Carin dear, thank you SO much for your lovely birthday present pack, you made my day!!

Nina xoxox

Carin zei

WOW, what a beautiful present. Indeed no words for it! Just a couple of days before December 11th. I will think of you a lot, and many more bloggers with me!

Monique zei

Hello CArin

WHat a nice present you have got from Nina.
I really like it
Have fun with it.

Greetings Monique