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donderdag 26 november 2009

Threads arrived and a scissorfob

Last saterday, after only 4 days from Canada to Netherlands, the threads arrived for my pattern Witches Hollow (Primitive Needle) and they are SO beautifull. I just had to make some photo's

(Click on the photo's to enlarge)

On a Dutch group we have a wishmonth, that means you can write down a wish and someone else can make it happen for you. Saskia ask for a scissorfob with an autumn theme and I made for her this scissorfob, stitched on 40 ct. linnen

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Hi Carin,

I bet you are soooo excited you can now start yor Witches Hollow. Yeah!!! What a cute little fob, she will adore it, love the scissors, too. One can never have too many of those.

Scattered Threads zei

Those threads look so yummy. Such a nice eye candy for today with all the fall colors. The fob is adorable. Very nice act of kindness. Beautiful.

Carin zei

Hi Carin,

I found your blog on Mylene's. Great to see more of the same Carin's, with a C and also from the Netherlands. :)

I will think of you on December 11th.

Carin zei

Hi Carin,

De buttons from SamSarah allways came from Just Another Button Campany. They were in the package allready.

Thank you for the "teenslippers"; never thought about that!

Carin zei

Sorry, but here's the link for the buttons.

Mylene zei

ah, thought you know each other, glad you've seen the link on my blog, Carin.
WOW! Great looking threads and your fob looks lovely.

Tricia zei

What fun mail that was! And the stitching fob is just lovely!!